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John Holtzhauser

Councils: 06724, 07282, 07644, 12110, 12746, 12956, 14084, 14278, 14495, 15675, 16026, 07210

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John Holtzhauser is a Knights of Columbus Field Agent with the Lawandus Agency. He serves Catholic families in Southwest Florida and partners with them to develop and execute their individual insurance and retirement planning strategies. John is a member of St. Anne Council 7210, and became a Field Agent for the Order in 2016.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, John earned an MBA degree in banking, from Case Western Reserve University, and a BBA in accounting from Cleveland State University.  After spending the majority of his career in various financial management positions with family businesses, John understands the importance of setting goals, initiating action and periodically reviewing progress. Helping brother Knights think about investment objectives and risk tolerances, as part of their financial priorities, is just one facet of what it means to lead a life of service to the community, the Church and the Catholic families in John’s area.

When asked why he became a Field Agent, John said, “I became a Field Agent to provide professional financial solutions to our members, consistent with the ideals of our Catholic faith.”

When asked why he feels credible and what he hopes to achieve for his members, John said, “My professional background as a CPA and senior level management experience, provide me with the capacity to educate, guide and recommend solutions to members on all matters relative to their insurance and retirement needs, thus being able to help my Brother Knights and their families with financial security.”

John has extensive knowledge of the Knights of Columbus products offered to members and their families, and stands ready to help them achieve their financial goals.  John currently holds an FICF designation and is currently studying to complete the requirements for his FSCP designation. In addition to his extensive insurance experience, John held an active CPA license in the state of Ohio for over 30 years.

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